Talking About My Financial And Lifestyle Freedom

It is 5am.

And I am not up early.

I worked until 2am and then played video games up until just a few moments ago.

Tomorrow is not a weekend.

Well, it is for me. Because everyday is a weekend for me.

It took me almost six years before I was able to build the life that I desired.

Doesn’t seem too swift if you ask me…but those six years are now but a memory.

And I get to enjoy these fruits for the rest of my life.

I have found freedom and I now know that it’s possible to get it, no matter what life throws at me.

This is because I have achieved the best part about success: a shift in perspective.

It’s 5am and I don’t have to go to bed…instead, I can write this article to you.

Every single day is a day in which I get to do what I want to do. And if I don’t want to do it, then I do it anyway, provided that I believe that it will push me closer to my spiritual and/or material goals.

I am bound by nothing.

I have never been so free.

You might know that I have a daughter.

She is also free.

And if I sleep until noon tomorrow, my partner won’t mind. Because she, too, is free.

When you’re free, life can take many forms.

I have earned freedom. My partner benefits from not having to work a job. Her job is to simply be free. And she earned this position through the six long and rigorous years of supporting me while I earned freedom for us.

And since both of us are home all day, we have the ability to home school our daughter.

Her former kindergarten teacher said she was the most gifted student she had ever taught. She wasn’t benefiting from the educational system. Neither did my wife and neither did I.

We asked her if she wants to continue to go to school or if she would like to stay home. For her, the choice was obvious…but her reasoning truly touched my heart.

She said, “I want to stay home with you guys because I think you’re cool.”

Best endorsement I’ve ever gotten.

So now, instead of spending 6-7 hours every day at a training grounds for mediocrity, she spends an hour or two learning advanced material and, for the rest of her day she gets to be free.

And my partner has elected to run a free after school program so that our daughter has friends to spend time with.

All things that we can do for one reason and one reason only: we are free.

I have led my family into financial and lifestyle freedom. And now we get to do what we want, be what we want, and live how we want to live.

What does freedom mean to me?

It means having the ability to live the life I want to live.

It means doing what I want and enabling my family to do what they want.

It means being wild at heart…being free to pursue any calling that might come my way.

If I want, I can decide to learn a new skill…learn a new language…learn a new perspective.

If I want, I can travel to see a friend or relative and stay as long as I want.

If I want, I can write an article at 5:30am without having slept. Most of the time this is not what I choose, but the fact is that I am free to choose it.

Life has never been so good.

Yesterday I napped.


I’m not sure why, but I just felt like lying down for a while. My intention was to sleep for a few minutes while my partner made me coffee.

She’s so damn good to me.

Well…when the coffee arrived, I looked at it and then passed back out.

I had some of the most vivid dreams during that nap. I have no idea how long I was out for…but it felt like an eternity.

I felt like I was dead I was napping so hard.

And it was great.

Did my wife wake me? No.

Did she get mad that I slept during the day? No.

Did she encourage me to nap because she could tell I really needed it? Yes.

Yes, I am the luckiest man alive it seems. But all of this luck came from a very simple, earthly desire: “I need to figure out how to make money in a way that doesn’t suck.”

Well I said that just about every day for almost six years. And, here I am.

I keep hearing stupid stuff like, “money is the root of all evil.” Or, “money can’t buy you happiness.”

But not having money can buy you misery. And not having money is the root of all godlessness.

I think what they mean is that money alone cannot buy these things. I know a lot of rich and miserable people.

Money is simply a vehicle that can carry your intentions into the real world.

My intentions were very simple: I wanted to be free.

And, since I didn’t take a vow of poverty or pledge to live in a hippie commune, I realized that money was going to be a necessary feature of living a modern life.

Trust me, I tried the whole hippie commune thing.

What my partner and I realized was missing from that scene was…drum roll…money.

Can you live a happy life without money? Sure you can.

Can you live a happy and free life without money? Yeah I think so.

But can you live a happy, free life and also own a jet ski? Hmm…maybe…

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen someone upset while riding a jet ski.

Without money, I would not be able to afford a five bedroom home on half of an acre in town.

For me, money is an integral part of freedom.

I’m not saying this is true for everybody…but I would be willing to bet that it’s true for a lot of people.

I tried being free without money. I denounced it.

But I couldn’t do it.

It was only after I pledged to myself, “I will find a way to make money that doesn’t suck,” that I was able to finally able to attain the full degree of freedom that I wanted.

Well, I found it.

I have my dream job.

And I created it.

All I do is call people and talk to them about their business. I then figure out what their business needs are and then give the actual work to a team of specialists.

That’s it.

That’s all I do.

It’s amazing. And the forecast says it will only get better.

The only limitations I have are the ones that I place on myself.

As long as I maintain humility and work hard, I believe that I can continue to ride this growth wave for many years to come.

All because I put in the time — roughly six years — to find freedom for myself and my family.

I wouldn’t trade those six years for anything.

Because I was willing to fail until I made it, I do not have to go to an office, I do not have to report to a boss, I do not have to ask for vacation approval, and I do not have to be a wage slave…

…and I still make more money than I could otherwise.

The question is: what do I do right now?

Do I go to sleep?

Do I read a book?

Do I go for a run?

Do I make a pot of coffee and get some more work done?

Do I put on a classic zombie movie and zone out for a couple hours?

Do I drive to a local diner and have a nice breakfast?

I mean, dang…I’ve got all these options. Which one do I choose?

Well, to be completely honest with you…to make a choice like this alone would be — I believe — a misuse of my freedom.

Probably the best thing about being free is that you don’t have to focus on survival any more. This means you can focus on much higher aspirations like self-actualization and global peace.

Now that I’m free, I find myself asking the Creator what I should do.

I have been sent here on a special mission. I don’t believe that I am from this planet.

I have come with a message. And I am now more free to share that message than I ever have been.

My message is complex, yet straightforward: truth is contextual, magic is real, grit is necessary, and the entire planet can be free and at peace. Oh, and life is full of meaning and adventure…you just have to be free enough to see it that way.

And, if you can’t see it that way, don’t worry…I have something very special that I’ve been planning for years. It will definitely help you to see the meaning and adventure in life.

For now, why don’t you work on your financial freedom?

Did you know that I had a job while I earned my financial freedom?

Did you know that I had to live in a 20-foot RV with my family while I earned my financial freedom?

Did you know that my family and I lived in other people’s houses?

Did you know that my family and I lived in a shed?

Did you know that, as a family, all of our possessions could at one point fit in our 1979 car?

Did you know that in order to live like most people can’t live, I first had to live like most people wouldn’t?

Did you know that I didn’t have any excuses? And do you know that you don’t either?

Here, let’s do a little test…

Let me ask you something: why don’t you have financial and lifestyle freedom? Why don’t you?

Is it because you’re black? Or you’re a woman? Or you didn’t have good parents? Or you’re not smart enough? Or you didn’t get the right degree? Or you’re too busy?

If you have an answer, then you will never be free.

The only acceptable answer to the question is, “Because I haven’t earned freedom yet.”

But you will.

You can’t not be free if that’s what you set your mind to do.

The reason I know this is because now, with the internet, there are millions and millions of ways for a person to accomplish this.

7.5 billion people is an enormous and, frankly, incomprehensible number. And we’ve never been so connected to them than we are today.

If you wanted to be financially free, you could do it…

…even if it took you six years.

But is it worth six years to you?

I bet you could do it in two if you weren’t a bird seed head like I am. That’s what my wife calls me anyway.


I’ve lost faith in people who aren’t determined to live the life they want to live.

I have people reach out to me all the time and ask me about financial advice. I tell them the same things every time.

Success is in your head…and you have to work hard enough in order for you to truly believe that.

But once you do, your entire perspective changes…and then there’s no going back.

Are you ready for that? Are you ready for that level of success?

Take a moment and imagine what total lifestyle freedom would mean to you.

What would you do with your days?

Can you even fathom that?


And try really hard.

What aren’t you willing to do in order to eventually do whatever you want to do?

I guess I will leave you with that question.

Bon voyage, comrade. I’m off to the clouds.


  1. Amazing post, really inspiring. The thing is success isn’t really that hard to achieve, we’re only limited by our beliefs that the media and other people put in our head.
    So if we choose to go our own way, to choose our own beliefs and say fuck it to what everyone else say, then we can all succeed. But not many people out there think like that, which makes me kind of happy, but at the same time I feel bad for them.

    Do you have Twitter by the way? Would love to connect. 🙂

    February 6, 2018
    • D/C Russ said:

      Only when a person goes their own way will they discover what’s really true. No Twitter though.

      February 6, 2018

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