The #1 Secret to Reality Creation


Yo Comrade, what’s up.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to lay down the hammer of justice over here at Alignmentality.

You see, I used to believe in the Law of Attraction. And I still do — to an extent.

The only problem now is that hordes of people have jumped on the bandwagon and polluted the field with tons of misnomers and incorrect notions.

So now there’s this terrible pop version of “manifesting” that says all you gotta do is be positive and visualize.

“Just picture yourself driving that Ferrari and you’ll own it in no time…c’mon trust us!”

If you’ve read any of my books, you know that I don’t sell that crap, no matter how much you might want me to.

Listen, comrade…I’m just as much “pro-infinite possibilities” as the next guy. But this has gotten way out of hand. Law of Attraction practitioners are a disease that are keeping you all sick…

Even though there’s tons of truth to the Law of Attraction, you’re better off avoiding it altogether. If you want to experience a different reality, you’re gonna have to do more than just dream about what you want.

To get what you want, you must train your mind to meet the ends that you desire. You must sharpen your focus into laser-like precision in order to “lock on” to your desires.

The Universe isn’t just going to change its laws because you want it to. You have to earn your desires. You must be willing to completely transform your current reality in order to start seeing a new one come to life.

It’s not enough to only change your behavior, thoughts, or feelings. You must revolutionize your entire existence so you can properly hone in on exactly what’s needed to make your dreams come alive.

Yes, it takes work…primarily because you’ve been letting your mind go all these years.

Trust me, comrade, when I say that it will be an effort to sharpen your mind. You will have to do more than just visualize rolling around in a pile of money if you ever expect money to start rolling in. Sure, you might get a coincidental check or two in the mail…but you’re looking for more than just a fun surprise. You’re looking for an entire lifestyle transformation: one of abundance and happiness.

Am I right? Of course I am.

How do you transform your life? It’s going to take discipline, focus, hard work, and persistence. But don’t let that daunt you, because it can also be fun and extremely addictive once you begin seeing the massive benefits.

You have to discipline your mind to accept your current circumstances and train yourself to focus on your new desired reality. You cannot expect to ever attract a new reality until you are at peace with your present reality.

That’s the #1 Secret. In order to change your world, you have to change yourself. This means accepting your current circumstances just as much as desiring new ones.

In order to make room for a new reality, you must accept without judgement the current reality that you are living. Only then are in you the peaceful, relaxed mindset to begin experiencing other possible quantum realities that are filled with abundance and happiness.

For most of us, this isn’t easy. We went to school and got brainwashed into a thought system that is falling apart right in front of our eyes. Society is constantly feeding us crap. Distractions, mindless entertainment, poisonous food chemicals, reality tv shows, and cheap kitsch that lasts just long enough to buy the next piece of crap.

Sorry to be so blunt, but…

Your mind is a big fat piece of organic meat. That’s all it is. If you want to sharpen your mind to laser-precision, you’ll have to completely revolutionize the way you think, feel, AND behave. You must re-align your whole total self to match the outcome you desire.

This will not be easy. And it will require hard work, diligence, and patience.

In order to get what you want, you have to transform your brain into a lean, mean, discipline machine. You have to whip your brain into shape through focus, constant practice, dedication, and persistence.

Nothing worth achieving ever came easy. You can’t just “do” different things. You have to “be” a different person.

Starting now, comrade, I’m no longer going easy on you. If you want to take your life to the next level, then I pledge to provide you with valuable materials that help you do this.

There’s only one way out of your mess. And it’s called “Self Discipline”. I will teach you self discipline, comrade.

And best of all, I’ll show you how discipline can be fun.

I’ll also show you how discipline can FREE YOU. When people hear the word “discipline” they think “exhaustion and difficulty”. That’s not true.

Motivation breeds motivation. Laziness breeds laziness. When you’re disciplined, you not only have more energy but you have more time, more clarity, more happiness, and more freedom.

Discipline does not restrict you — it frees you.

And if you don’t believe me…take my WEEK OF POWER. You’ll see.

WEEK OF POWER will literally rip you right out of any slump that you might be in. It will show you the value of True Freedom. After just the first day, you’ll feel better than you ever have before.

After I finished the 7-day course, I was a changed man. I was alive again. I was free. I had never felt better in all my life. And I’m extremely glad that I committed to the course and completed it. You can read more about my experience with the course here.

I strongly recommend you get your copy now, before I decide to raise the price.

Come, comrade, let me open you up to a world of mental and emotional freedom through the addictive art of self discipline. You can thank me later.

Until next time, friend.

Your man,
D/C Russ
be bold. stay strong.

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  1. D/C Russ said:

    Well said, my friend…well said.

    April 15, 2014

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