The Best Financial Advice You’ll Ever Receive

Right now I’m in the process of purchasing an investment property. For those of you who have never made significant investments, the age-old adage is to “buy low, sell high.” This pertains to real estate just as much as it does in the stock market.

Yet so few people think in terms of investments. They don’t invest their money…instead they spend it.

People who spend money are usually poor. People who budget money are usually mediocre. People who invest money are usually rich.

To hell with all of the financial advice out there about budgeting. Budgeting is just a slowed-down version of spending money.

You’ll never get rich by budgeting.

Budgeting is a poor man’s financial advice. It only forces you to go without so that one day you’ll be just as poor without having had any of the life experiences that money can afford you.

Budgeting is for people who are materialistic and can’t stop swiping their credit card at every available opportunity.

I’ve never budgeted and most of the wealthy people I know have never budgeted. It is the most mediocre thing that you can do with money.

The only time budgeting is ever important is if you absolutely have to. When you’re not making enough money, budgeting is an excellent tool for you to utilize while you figure out ways of making more money.

But even then, the goal of budgeting is to stop budgeting as quickly as possible. Your financial goals should revolve around making more money. Instead, people look at budgeting as a lifestyle.

“I’m frugal,” they say.

You don’t have to say “I’m frugal” if you don’t crave buying a bunch of shit in the first place. You don’t need to budget if you don’t desire to make your life better by purchasing a bunch of things you don’t actually need.

The reason why people have spending problems is not because of who they are…it’s because of what they’re doing.

If you can’t control your spending habits, it’s because your life sucks. This has been demonstrated time and time again through research. Addictions are just compulsive behavior in response to being dis-empowered in life. And excessive spending is an addiction.

You don’t have to even think about budgeting for one second if you don’t buy things you don’t need. And you won’t feel compelled to buy things you don’t need if you have something greater you’re living for.

When your life has a purpose, you will no longer have the desire to spend money. You will only look at money as a tool for sustainability in your (and your family’s) financial life and as a means to a greater end.

In other words, a spending compulsion is easily replaced by the obsession to rise to new heights and change the world.

If you’re not following destiny, you are 10x more likely to fall into these types of addictive behavior patterns. It’s pretty much that simple. If you’re not doing something meaningful in your life, you will attempt to escape it through addictive behavior.


…back to investing.

When it comes to investing, again, you want to buy low and sell high. But even when you’re buying low, there is still someone at the other end of the deal who wants to sell you something that has low perceived value. In other words, you can’t buy a Bentley for $10 bucks.

If something is priced low, that means that the demand is much lower than the supply. This is your arena for getting the best investment deals…but it often requires you to do a bit of the work yourself.

Nevertheless, the seller doesn’t care how you go about giving him the money. All he cares about is getting the money. Whether you get burned or not is your problem.

Too many people are too easily swayed by a salesman’s technique. But 99% of the time, the seller is more motivated than the buyer…they’re just more skilled at hiding this fact.

That’s why I want to offer you a piece of advice that will forever change the game for you when it comes to making purchases:

When you’re looking to purchase something, think of it instead as selling your money.

When you’re in the business of selling money, you have a distinct advantage that no salesman in the world will ever have…


After all, cash is king. And when you’re buying something, your currency is more valuable than theirs.

They want your money, and will do almost anything to get it.

You, however, always have options. Whether it’s an investment in a new refrigerator or a bundle of stock equity, there is always another better product that will be sold for less.

And in today’s world, we have far more “stuff” than we ever have.

Basic supply and demand.

Cash will always be in demand in one form or the other. We will probably always have some type of liquid currency simply because it’s just far too convenient not to. Whether it’s US dollars or Bitcoin, currency will always be king.

You can’t take a refrigerator around town and buy things with it. But you can do this with cash.

Once you realize this powerful mentality, you’ll never look at purchasing decisions ever again.

Rich people, when they spend money, they at it as an investment. Buying a refrigerator is seen as an investment. Poor people don’t save their money and instead by the cheapest version of an object they can. Then, when it breaks in six months, they have to spend that money again.

People use the excuse of not having enough money to justify their hasty and irrational spending decisions.

Having no money and being poor are two different things.

If you don’t have money, you can still think like a rich person. If a rich-minded person can’t afford a refrigerator, they will do whatever they can in their power to make sure that the money they part with is seen as an investment.

Maybe they’ll look for a used fridge. Maybe they’ll buy food items that don’t need to be refrigerated. Maybe they’ll use a friend’s fridge. They will do whatever it takes to not make a hasty spending decision and end up costing them more money than if they would have just invested in the first place.

On the other hand, a rich-minded person that does have enough money will take care to ensure that they’re getting the best deal that they can. They won’t rush into the purchasing decision. They’ll talk to other vendors. They’ll explore options for price reduction…

In other words, they will look at it as an investment: “How can I get the best deal at the lowest price?”

You don’t have to re-sell something in order to consider it an investment. Consider a scenario in which a refrigerator that lasts 10 years costs $500 versus a refrigerator that lasts five years that costs $300.

A poor-minded person will buy the $300 dollar fridge. Every. Single. Time.

Investments are for rich minded people. Thinking about the long-term effects of their actions is one of the hallmarks of rich people. Poor-minded people make rash decisions that give them the feeling of instant gratification.

In fact, I would argue that any form of instant gratification is in fact keeping you deprived in that particular area.

Spending compulsions might feel good in the moment, but they will ultimately keep you poor.

The only way to break the chain of poverty is to get to a place where you have enough financial space in your life that you can begin to make investment-minded decisions. This usually starts with saving money and living with as few expenses as possible.

This is not to be mistaken for budgeting. If you have to budget, it should only be for a short amount of time. But the best budget is one in which you simply do not buy anything except for the basic necessities.

There is almost always no need to budget if you are simply buying what you need and nothing more. Budgeting is for people who want to live comfortable, mediocre lives and then stay there indefinitely.

The more money you save (aka don’t spend) is directly related to the amount of capital you will have at your disposal when an interesting investment opportunity comes along.

The way you approach building your working (investment) capital is actually quite simple, and it operates according to this principle:

It is much easier to save two dollars after you’ve already saved one.

I am not sure why the universe is set up this way…maybe to inspire people to a higher calling of abundance. But if you want to increase the favorability of your financial life, you will need to leverage the power of compound action.

By saving one dollar before attempting to save two, you have now made it much easier and faster to get to the $2 mark. In this world, you will be financially rewarded for having more money.

To some people this might seem unfair. But it’s because they want to have life handed to them on a silver platter while not having to work for anything.

People who think that we should give money to poor people are either 1) poor or 2) misinformed. If you give money to poor people, then they will soon give it back to all of the rich people.

In 2017 in the Western world, poor people are almost always poor because of their poor financial decisions and not because of bad luck or because God intended it that way.

The number of helpful resources and social programs in today’s society render it nearly impossible to be poor forever provided that you are utilizing all of your resources in an intelligent way.

This might sound cruel and dismissive of poor people, but it is not meant to have that effect. Because, in some ways, being poor is a curse. But it is one that cannot be addressed by simply giving them more of the resources that they are bad at utilizing.

Instead, we need to treat poverty at its source: education.

Studies show that when you educate a society, many positive things happen. Birth rate goes down, unwanted pregnancy goes down, poverty rates decrease, and addictive/compulsive behavior tends to diminish.

Now, when I say education, I don’t mean the area of a parallelogram. I’m not talking about Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492.

What I mean is perspective.

It’s something that society still hasn’t really figured out. We keep trying to cram people’s heads full of stuff just so they can regurgitate it for an exam.

What we really need to be investigating are real world examples of people making decisions with money and how those decisions play out.

We need to be teaching our youth about the rewards of being good with money and the mindset of investment-based money management.  We need to teach them about what Einstein called the “eighth wonder of the world.”

Compound interest.

Money has a magical way of adding up in an exponential way. It’s an amazing, wondrous feature of reality.

And it’s so sad that most people don’t take advantage of this marvel. Because through a simple, thoughtful, and methodical approach to amassing capital, you can compound your net worth many times over in just the span of a decade or two.

The problem for most people is that they’re addicted to spending.

And the reason why people are addicted to anything is because they’re some degree removed from perfect contentedness in life. The greater the addiction, the more life probably sucks for that person.

So if you or someone you know has a spending problem, look no further than the top 1-2 things they spend their time doing. Do they enjoy and get meaning from the work that they do? Are they surrounded by anti-supportive people that encourage their bad behaviors?

Spending money is just another form of dopamine release, which is an extremely easy thing to form an addiction to. It’s a sign that you’re not content with yourself and how you’re spending your time.

This is why I said earlier that if you want to quit a spending addiction, look for a mission in life…find something that is meaningful to you and begin the pursuit of accomplishing that goal. Doing this will automatically replace a spending addiction.

Budgeting will not fix the problem. Unless your goal is to live by a budget. But, again, budgets are temporary fixes only. If you strive to maintain a budget, you will wake up one day with the same net worth that you had years before. This is because budgeting takes your focus away from earning more money.

By the way, none of this information that I’m giving you is relevant only to the financial world. Compound interest is a phenomenon that can be observed in your actions as well.

Addictions are symptoms of not having or actively pursuing something that you find meaningful in life. They are simply dopamine reactions that help you to cope with life.

Not that there’s anything wrong with addictions. If you find you’re addicted to something, like spending, then it’s simply a sign that you need to rearrange your life so that you’re meeting your personal and financial goals.

Finally, anything in this world that you manage to attract just a little bit of, has the capacity to quickly compound in an exponential way. The more money you have, the more you will get.

The more love you have, the more you will get.

The more addictions you have, the more you will get.

Everything is like this.

So instead of feeling powerless and indulging your spending addiction, vow instead to take even just one dollar from every bit of money you get and add it to a separate pile/stash/account/etc. After you’ve done this for a while, then you’ll find it easy as pie to do two dollars.

Pretty soon, you’ll be saving a great deal of money and you will have completely kicked your spending addiction.

Trust me, saving money, investing money, and amassing a fortune feels so much more amazing. It might not be instant gratification, but it’s long-term, overall gratification. This type of gratification feels good everyday and continues to feel good in the future.

Trust me…breaking an instant gratification spending habit is a very good investment indeed!

Nothing feels better than having more than enough money in the bank. And if you’re someone who feels that they’re far away from this reality, you may be right. But the solution is simple: simply get just a little bit more money than you have now.

When it comes to compound interest, a little goes a long way!

This can only be accomplished through an investment mentality.

Everything you do is investing. If you smoke crack, you’re investing in being a crack head.

If you buy broken shit, you’re investing in wasting your money.

If you eat garbage, you’re investing in poor health.

If you save money, you’re investing in investing.

If you learn a new work-related skill, you’re investing in your earning potential.

If you call your friend regularly, you’re investing in a stronger and long-term relationship.

And if you invest in doing what you say you’re going to do, you’re investing in a rich life full of amazing possibilities and limitless potential.



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