The Best New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite times of year. It gives me time to introspect and think about where I am in life…

…and where I want to be.

Some people drown themselves in the bottle, hoping for just one night that they can forget.

Forget where they are…

…forget where they want to be.

New Year’s  vs. The New Year

A lot of people can tell you their plans for New Year’s.

…but how many people can tell you their plans for the New Year?

See the difference?

How about you…

What are you going to do to make your life better? To ascend to new heights? To pull others up around you?

…or do you just have plans for only one night?

Succeeding with Your Resolution

For the majority of people who give up on their resolutions, it’s because of one reason: they lack confidence.

Take a look at the most popular resolutions. Almost all of them revolve around the theme of self confidence.

People want to feel good and feel good about themselves.

And the best (only!) way to do that is to start small.

So many people make the mistake of coming up with insane resolutions and then blab, blab, blabbing it to all their friends and family.

What’s the point of even doing the resolution? They’ve already got their quick fix of confidence by creating a false impression of themselves.

Confidence is the Cornerstone

If you want to be successful with your resolution and build lasting confidence that touches every aspect of your life, my advice to you would be to come up with a resolution that starts small and has measurable goals associated with it.

The reason why starting small is so effective is because in the process you’re also building your confidence, which then increases your capacity to do more (and be more).

That being said, I have created what I believe to be the best new year’s resolution available on the market for building confidence in a way that’s measured and easily achievable.

It’s a simple, one-week course to build massive confidence in a short amount of time.

Each day has one page. Read the page, do the exercises, and feel better than ever.

No filler, no hype…just a massive increase in your confidence and motivation.

The course is called WEEK OF POWER and it’s available in digital format so you can download it immediately and have it ready as soon as the new year starts.

Click here to download WEEK OF POWER for $9 bucks


No matter where your confidence level is, WEEK OF POWER will give you an insane level-up that you can take with you everywhere you go.

Get the course and start your new year with a huge bang.


Truly yours,

D/C Russ

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