The Best Part About Being Successful

The best part about being successful, other than the freedom and the achievement, is what it does to you as a person.

Something happens to an unsuccessful person along their journey to success.

It’s intangible, but it it can be felt.

It’s un-seeable but it can be perceived.

And the best part is when others confirm this to you.

It’s almost like, once you achieve success of any kind, people can tell.

I can’t explain it really.

But I have seen it.

And, folks, we’re not talking about money here.

Ok…money is garbage compared to success.

Money is just a typical side effect of being successful.

True success brings a richness money can’t buy.

It brings personal power. It beings autonomy over your life.

Whether you grew up poor and made a million dollars or you struggled being fat and got in the best shape of your life, one thing is certain…

You have taken control of your life.

A lot of people talk about letting God take control of their life. But these people are usually victims of life that are swimming alone in a vast sea of unpredictability. The next storm could wipe them out or drown their existence for good.

God doesn’t want control over your life.

That’s why you are alive.

You’re here to do what the heavens cannot do. You’re here to use your free will to make the non-heavens a better place.

You came in the flesh so that you can affect the flesh.

The only people that want others (supernatural or otherwise) to do thingsĀ for them are the ones who are unwilling to do these things for themselves.

Comrade, this isn’t rocket science.

All you have to do is open your two eyes and see that the best results come from the best efforts.

And the people who don’t have results are the ones that aren’t putting in their best efforts.

You can do anything you set your mind to in this world, including working a job and paying bills.

If you want to stay in minutia land your whole life, then absolutely yes you can accomplish that.

But I would rather put the minutiae aside while I go and achieve something bigger that I never thought was possible.

It’s brought me great results and also great abundance.

But, again, these are merely the side effects of a sustained and concerted effort.

The greatest joy is that I wake up every day knowing that I can do “it”…whatever “it” happens to be.

The greatest joy is the freedom I’ve realized by knowing my true, inner, God-given power.

The greatest joy is believing in myself.

And the best part is when this joy becomes infectious…when you start to inspire others to do the same thing for themselves.

Because, honestly, the best part of life is helping others.

And what better way to help others than to first help yourself?

Until you’ve realized your own true, inner power, why would you think that you could help someone else realize theirs?

As a servant to planet earth, you owe it to yourself and everybody around to achieve massive success in whatever way that you feel called to do.

So go get ’em today.

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