The Difference Between “Smart” and “Conscious”

Humanity is on the verge of some major discoveries about how the universe works.

I predict that within the next 50-100 years, people’s attention will start to move from an “action-based” mentality to an “energy-based” mentality.

The difference between smart people and conscious people.

As it stands now, people are more focused on what to do, rather than how to do it.  These days you can’t even ask a “how” question without getting a “what” answer.

  • Q: How do you become successful?  A: Work hard.
  • Q: How do you lose weight?  A: Diet and exercise.
  • Q: How do you find meaning in life?  A: Discover your passion.

But what about the people who work hard but never seem to have enough money?

What about the people who diet and exercise and still can’t lose weight (or gain it back)?

And what does a person do if they can’t find their passion?

Obviously, the “what” paradigm has major limitations.

How many times have you seen a “7 Step Blueprint for Success” or a “30-Minute Weight Loss Formula” advertised? Or…what about that movie The Secret?

Don’t you think everyone would be rich, thin, and happy if these programs were actually effective?

The real secret is that there is no secret. Or – there are many secrets, perhaps infinitely many…whichever way you want to look at it.

Everyone comes to know the truth for themselves, through a series of experiences that guide them to a certain knowing-ness that even the most savvy gurus struggle to teach.

That’s why the more conscious and self-aware you are, the harder it can be to “fit in” among mainstream society.

But this is both a curse and a blessing.

On one hand, it means that most of the advice you receive will lack the depth you seek.

On the other hand, it frees you up to do the only thing that actually produces the results you want…

…figuring it out for yourself.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore everything people have to say. It means you should try to understand what they say on an underlying level.

Try to feel the energy behind what people are trying to express.

Then, notice if there is resonance in your body (i.e. if it “rings” true for you).

Your body is an important tool for deriving truth.

“Follow your heart.”

“Trust your gut.”

These are phrases that attempt to describe a knowing-ness that extends beyond the brain.

What is true for someone else may not be what’s true for you.

But you can have a better shot at figuring things out if you focus on what aspects of that “truth” resonate with you and which ones don’t.

The notion of “hard work” for one person may be exciting and driven by confidence, thus energizing all of their efforts.

“Hard work” for another person may make them feel drained, exhausted, or stressed out.

Which of these two people do you think will be more effective in their efforts?

The answer might seem obvious at first, but I encourage you to not be hasty in your conclusions.

For me, I tend to get results based on my state of being. That’s just what I’ve noticed.

Maybe it’s true for you, too.

Results in your life depend on your state of being.

It doesn’t appear to matter how hard I work if I’m feeling stressed, anxious, angry, or prideful.

However – and this might just be because I’m a manifestor – when I am at peace, it seems like all of my efforts are magically multiplied.

It’s a strange phenomenon that my state of being seems to affect reality on a very tangible level.

I’ve also noticed that the more detached I am from outcomes, the better the outcomes seem to be.

So many magical things have happened whenever I found myself temporarily ignoring my desires and just being present with whatever it is I’m doing.

Knowing this is only half the battle, however. The other half is practicing this to the point where it comes naturally to me.

I’m still human and I still fall back into my old programming.

We’ve all been programmed in one way or the other.

It’s up to the conscious individual to learn for themselves how to reprogram themselves in order to get the results they want.

In order to do that, you have to consider more than just your actions…

…you have to learn to understand the energy behind those actions.

This is what separates a smart person from a conscious person.


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