The Great Equalizer You Can’t Escape

europacometLook over your shoulder at any moment and you’ll see a lumbering monster coming after you.

It can smell you. It knows you’ve made a pact with self-improvement and now it’s hot on your trail.

No matter where you go, it will find you.

No matter who you are, it lusts for your flesh.

You cannot hide from the self-development monster. He chases you relentlessly, waiting for you to fall.

Commissioned by God himself, this behemoth is too great for man’s technology…his medicine…his money.

No matter how great you think you are, the great equalizer is on its way to rip you back down into humility.

The path lengthens as you walk it, comrade. Stay steady and keep moving forward…

…not too hasty, comrade, or you’ll fall. Yet don’t stop for a rest and slumber too long…

…the beast is upon you, perpetually waiting to descend upon you like a thief in the night.

He’s there to ensure that we move forward down the path. He keeps us moving when we fail. And he whips our ass when we get too full of ourselves.

The beast is a check and balance against the ego.

It is the reason why no man is better than another. Each man is serving his own purpose and walking his own path.

Just know that the beast is upon every one of us, often making our worlds seem like a living hell until we can learn the lesson or hear the message.

Loss…failure…pain…betrayal…jealousy…wars…illness…car crashes…WAKE UP!!!

Anything to wake you up.

Right now, your mind is ill. You’re looking out of your fallible eyes at a Universe that has captivated your full attention.

Don’t forget Who you really are. Enjoy this life as an experience.

Don’t take it too seriously.

Don’t judge it…

…and don’t judge others.

When we get wrapped up in judgment, it halts our progress. Our satisfaction with life begins to dwindle and we step off the path into the darkness.

That’s when the beast strikes.

Do not resent the beast. He is here to help you stay the course.

Just keep moving forward and enjoying the experience.

Don’t judge the movie, just watch and enjoy it.

You’d be surprised at how often you’re caught in delusions of judgment: while you’re waiting line, talking to someone, or just thinking to yourself alone. You’re always judging…and it’s draining your life satisfaction.

Sit back and relax.

Just chill out.

To judge is to think you know things.

But you really don’t.

You have no idea why that person said that.

WAKE UP!!! In reality, you don’t have a clue why things are the way they are…so stop judging. It’s a foolish thing to do – it’s insanity!

If people told you the reasons for the things they did, I think you’d be surprised to see that most people are just trying to do the best they can. Most people’s intentions are pure and they do the things they do because they believe it to be the best thing.

Most people out there have good hearts. If you really make an effort to see this, you’ll find yourself having better relationships with others and you’ll learn to love more. Heck, you can even practice nonjudgment with yourself and you’ll actually love yourself more. You’ll become more confident, peaceful, and relaxed. You’ll start to have a “glow” about you and others will magically become attracted to this aura.

In fact, all kinds of good things will begin to magnetize toward you because you’ve released your judgment on what was formerly in front of you. Constant judgement means constantly confirming the non-desired reality. Observation makes things become real. And it’s subtle at first.

So if you’re gonna judge, judge things as good. As pure. As love.

That lumbering beast behind you? He’s just there to help. He’s right behind you, ready to help you keep movin’ forward.

So don’t resist the glacial force of the beast. Don’t fear him. Just respect him…

…stay the path…

…and keep movin’ forward.




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