The Great Paradox of Being a Manifestor (Human Design)

Out of all the people who write to me personally, the majority of them are manifestors.

A manifestor is one of four main human design types. It is the second least common class. Only about 7-8% of the world’s population are manifestors.

As a result, there’s not a whole lot of help and resources out there that apply specifically to manifestors. Most of the information out there is written by generators and manifesting generators who together represent about 70% of the world’s population.

The worst part is that most of this advice is pretty much the exact opposite of how a manifestor makes the most of their design. Listening to how a generator navigates life is pretty much the most destructive thing a manifestor can do.

It is for this reason, I think, that manifestors reach out to me in such high proportion…I actually explore the depths of what it means to live as a manifestor, constantly experimenting and reinventing the way that I navigate life.

I’m happy to be a pioneer for all of the other manifestors out there who just can’t seem to figure out why they don’t fit in…why the things they were taught growing up simply don’t apply to them.

Manifestors tend to feel alone and distant from the vast majority of people. They have great power, but sadly most manifestors never realize their power…and, thus, never actually live out to their fullest potential on this planet.

Perhaps the most tricky thing about being a manifestor is understanding the great paradox that surrounds us at all times: action vs. resting.

Being a generator is much more simple in this regard. A generator’s strategy is to wait and respond to life. In the meantime, they just keep plugging away. Generators are DO-ers. They feel a sense of satisfaction when they’re constantly in motion, especially in ways that energize them or bring them passion.

Manifestors are NOT meant to take constant action; they are meant to initiate action. That can be a confusing thing for many manifestors. They think they need to constantly initiate things. But this will ultimately leave the manifestor drained and unable to do what they do best.

Manifestors are the only class that is designed to initiate. It is for this reason that we carry a disruptive energy that often times is perceived as going against the routine flow of life. This is also why our auras are dense…we are designed to “push” out the old energies in the world and then initiate new energies.

This of course takes a tremendous amount of energy to do. Anything that goes against the flow tends to require a massive burst of energy and action. That’s why we are able to summon a magnificent amount of energy when we need to.

But that’s also why we require a lot more rest than the other classes. And this is probably the biggest mistake most manifestors, including myself, tend to make.

It’s can be really difficult and unnatural to rest because the majority of people – generators – tend to set the pace and determine what’s socially acceptable in terms of taking action.

Being a manifestor is beautiful but it’s also a constant struggle to “tune out” the expectations created by the noise of the world around us. We need to learn to be us. We need to accept ourselves for being different and not get down on ourselves for having a different strategy than the rest of the world finds acceptable.

A good way to think of generators is to visualize a vast ocean. The ocean itself doesn’t seem like it’s “doing” much…but its holds a massive power in its potential energy. In the meantime, it sits and waits, calmly rushing waves against the shore…over and over again.

A manifestor, on the other hand, is like a hurricane. The force is sudden and massive. Manifestors can create a tremendous amount of power in a sudden way. And then afterwards we feel drained and it’s back to resting again.

But here’s where the paradox comes in. During our times of inactivity, it’s important to realize that we’re not waiting. We are recharging. We are resting. We are engaging other things in life. WE ARE NOT WAITING.

That’s the critical thing every manifestor has to come to terms with. From a generator’s perspective, it’s easy to see that as being unproductive or lazy. And if we’re not 100% confident in our life strategy, we can easily fall into the trap of thinking we’re not good enough or that there’s something wrong with us.

Still to this day I catch myself having judgments about my strategy. I will hear the pre-programmed voice in my head telling me that I’m not doing enough or that I’m not working hard enough.

It’s a constant battle to undo this programming. I suspect most manifestors feel the same way. And that’s why I’m writing this article…to let you know that you’re not alone.

But I’m also writing this article to encourage you to experiment with this yourself. If you’re a manifestor reading this, then please believe me when I say that the best results I’ve gotten in every arena of life is when I fully embraced my need to rest and recharge.

It is the number one way to find peace in your life. And, as you know, peace is the number one way for a manifestor to be most effective in anything they do.

The truth is that manifestors are action-oriented people. But we’re also inaction-oriented people. This can be the toughest paradox to grasp as a manifestor.

Knowing when to take action vs. when to rest and recharge is just a matter of getting in tune with your body. Once you become more conscious of your body, you will be better able to detect your energy levels and your emotional state.

The best time to act is when you feel both recharged and at ease. If you feel anxiety, uncertainy, or fatigue in your body then it’s best not to act. Instead go find something enjoyable to do like spending time with friends or enjoying some solitude in nature.

One of the most productive things a manifestor can do is sit alone and do absolutely nothing. I do this for 10 minutes every day and it’s really helped me to focus on becoming more peaceful, which then allows me to achieve the most favorable results in anything I do.

As a manifestor, you will know when it’s time to act. You just have to trust that. You’ll feel a rush of energy and your body will almost pull you into action. Don’t question it, just go with it.

When you feel that internal pull, you absolutely have to act on it right away. If you force yourself to do something else first, you might lose that spark and you’ll have to wait until the next cycle to get it back again.

As soon as you feel that steady peacefulness in your body, you’ll know it’s the right time. And when that happens, dive head first into whatever it is you feel called to do. Your goal is to enter into the state of flow as quickly and smoothly as possible. It is from this state that the cosmic energies will work through you to achieve the results that will most benefit you, your loved ones, and the world at large.

Finally, remember that just because you’re a “manifestor,” doesn’t mean you’re the one doing the manifesting. Your mental ideas will almost never pan out the way you thought they would. As a manifestor, you simply act as a prism through which the universe can initiate great changes on the planet.

This is probably the most misunderstood aspect of being a manifestor. Non-manifestors think we just have the authority to do whatever we want whenever we want, when in reality we’re bound to the matrix just like all of the other classes…we just do our “waiting” a little bit differently!

I hope this is helpful. If you’d like more direct and specific instruction on being a manifestor, I’ve put together a Manifestor Mastermind for people who want to accelerate and enhance the way they play the manifestor class. If you’re interested in something like this, send me an email at and I’ll invite you to the Facebook group.

In the meantime, get out there and rock ’em like a hurricane!

Good luck, manifestor!

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  1. Amy said:

    Perfect timing. Thank you for this!

    March 9, 2017
    • D/C Russ said:

      Not a problem, sign up…there will be more 🙂

      March 11, 2017
  2. Katherine said:

    Thank you Russ. Enjoyed reading this! It is a very good description of the paradox. I would love to read your thoughts on ” what it is that can be defined as what we actually create in this world” by our action orientated natures. i.e what kinds of work, businesses, outer experience do we make a significant impact on when we are following our design. I find that I do my best “work” in situations that require someone to mention a new direction to take a project, and the first 2-3 steps…. I’d love to do more short term consulting work…. things of that nature. But where do “we” usually end up on the employment spectrum? Thanks!

    March 10, 2017
    • D/C Russ said:

      Self employed is good. Freelancer models work well. But the best thing is to seek out the cooperative efforts of a team of generators as well as a projector for an advisory role. A small team of people has been working well for me. Definitely way better than trying to do everything alone. That’s just too much for a manifestor (initiating class) to handle.

      I do not recommend working for anyone or any company for more than a short period of time (contract work or consultancy). You want to be in a position where your time and energy is free to start new things and initiate new projects and efforts. Business development has always been a passion of mine. Coming up with new and creative ways to reach out to the world (marketing) is also a good manifestor skill.

      Finally, and I’m not sure if this is manifestor-specific or not, you want to be skilled in sales. All the manifestors I’ve known are all good on the phone. They can create new business in a short amount of time. Conversation is good because non-manifestors seem to be comforted by a strong but humble leadership energy…this is where manifestors excel!

      March 11, 2017
  3. Jagruti said:

    Nice writing!
    Sounds like you are splenic like me…
    Because trickily enuf for them, an Emo mani has to wait for clarity ( unlike the second bush president! )
    So I’ve the 18 /58… you invited comments…
    What’s your chart and who were your teachers?
    Once I know that I’d consider sharing your link, thanks…

    March 10, 2017
    • D/C Russ said:

      Thanks for your note 🙂

      I am a 1/3 manifestor. Emotionally defined. Definitely hard to wait before making decisions but I find that it unlocks certain benefits like focusing on peace, practicing detachment, learning to “wait” without waiting, and ensuring I get lots of rest. I think there’s a lot of power in being emotionally defined that spontaneous manifestors don’t get to experience. It’s a cool design for sure 🙂

      March 11, 2017
      • Alex said:

        Add in a 2/5 type like I have along with emotional authority, and the waiting/acting paradox gets that much worse! Even having made progress spiritually (at least I think I have), I find it difficult to differentiate between frivolous impulses and true calls to action. This probably has to do with the problem of the projection field that 5’s, and 2/5’s who are used to their seclusion, face. I.e., is it my impulse happening here, or someone else’s? Have I weighed the choice to act, or have I just assimilated other people’s expectations of me?

        July 9, 2017
        • D/C Russ said:

          Yep I totally hear you. It can get quite confusing!

          July 10, 2017
  4. Native said:

    Hi friend,
    Thank you very much for this message.
    That really speaks to me!
    It is good to feel understood and to receive your enlightened vision.

    March 11, 2017
    • D/C Russ said:

      You are more than welcome. I’ll continue to serve my fellow manifestors 🙂

      March 11, 2017
  5. Jann said:

    Thanks Russ….makes perfect sense. Am an Emotional Manifestor, 6/2….and yep, recharge constantly.Really trying to decondition…the article is fabulous, we’re not so crazzzy after all! Keep up the good work, much appreciated.

    March 13, 2017
    • D/C Russ said:

      Awesome. Yep, someone’s gotta do it 🙂

      Thanks so much, keep rockin’ Jann.

      March 13, 2017
  6. Fabienne said:

    Oh, at last I can get rid of my guilty feelings of being so “inactive”! Which I’m not, that’s for sure 🙂
    But I think I still exhaust myself in doing things instead of initiating. I’m not sure how this can work out in my various jobs, will give it a thought, thanks 🙂

    September 30, 2017

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