The Key Ingredient to a Successful Business Venture


The definition of a venture is “a risky or daring journey or undertaking”. Anytime you dive into unknown waters, there is always a risk associated.

Whether you’re risking money or just good old fashioned time and effort, you’re putting something on the line in order to potentially gain something greater.

The challenge is that you can never know whether the venture will be successful or not. Lots of people pretend like they know, but in reality this is impossible.

Just like there’s never any certainty in life, there’s never any certainty in business either.

With that being said, the #1 Key Ingredient to a Successful Business Venture is certainty.

There is no contradiction here, comrade…only a paradox. And if you wish to continue reading this blog, you must learn to champion the almighty paradox as a bearer of truths that are beyond logical comprehension.

If you want to be successful, you have to reach a point of certainty…both in yourself and in your business. This may sound unrealistic at first, especially if you’re just starting out. But even if you have zero certainty, you’re not all that far off from getting it.

There comes a point in every man’s journey where he becomes certain of himself. And because he is certain of himself, he is easily able to achieve relentless confidence in business too.

To achieve certainty in business, you must first have faith in yourself. This is an incredibly powerful state to be in, and there is no mistake once you experience it. When you’re absolutely, 100% sure that something is going to work out the way you want it to, you can literally feel it.

Right now, in this moment, I, D/C Russ, feel certain. I am absolutely certain that this blog is going to be successful.

Will this certainty waiver? Absolutely. Will it increase in strength? Yes it will.

So how am I able to achieve this level certainty even in the midst of all the uncertainty involved?

Well, comrade, it’s because I believe in myself. I have the faith in my own drive and resourcefulness that no matter what uncertainty jumps in front of me, I’m going to figure out some way to overcome it.

I have faith that no matter what challenges I am met with, there is always a way to overcome them. Believe in yourself, comrade, and you will find that way.

Sure, failure happens. But what is failure other than an indication that you need to take another approach?

Often, the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is the degree of persistence they exhibit. Think about that.

If your business is unsuccessful, why stop there? Doesn’t it simply mean that there’s another route you need to take to reach your goals?

I guess that means that the real key to a successful business venture is persistence.

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