The Only Quality You Need to Develop

I recently attended a lecture by a researcher who studies the academic landscape in America.

The burning question she and her team were attempting to answer is “What is it that leads students into success after college?”

Some people may think the answer is intelligence.

Others may think that privilege is the key.

Some people tirelessly tout the worn out phrase, “It’s not what you know but who you know…”

It’s not your ability to recall information and regurgitate it. Sure this might make you better at taking tests but we all know by now that test taking doesn’t mean shit when it comes to real world achievement.

Test scores don’t matter…

Grades don’t matter…

Hell…IQ doesn’t even matter.

The single most common factor found among the world’s most successful people is grit.

The problem with the American education system (all the way from Pre-school up through college and beyond) is that they do not train people to have grit. They, in effect do the opposite by training them to follow the rules, obey the teacher, and do as they’re told.

This is the opposite of grit. And the opposite of success.

And if you can’t succeed in life (whatever that means to you), then you also can’t be happy.

So are schools teaching us to be miserable? Yes.

Are they teaching us to be whiny, underachieving crybabies? Yes, I think you can make a strong case for that.

Even the military academies cannot teach grit. But they can weed people out based on that.

I personally attended West Point’s Summer Leaders Seminar and realized that the only people that make it into that school are young adults who have a lot of grit and don’t easily give up. I was almost one of those people…until I realized that the whole thing is just a masquerade for another version of “do what the teacher tells you”…only this time, real human lives are at stake.

So, yeah I don’t want to murder brown people just because you guys think I should. No thanks, I’ll make my own damn grit.

Which is exactly what I’ve done over the past several years.

And, as a result, my health dramatically improved. My mood improved. My resolve strengthened. My discipline intensified. My level of freedom shot through the roof…and so did my bank account.

As soon as you stop playing other people’s game, and learn to play your own, you will find that your greatest dreams were there all along…whether you could articulate them or not.

But it’s not just a matter of making a decision. You have to make that decision every single day. You have to commit to that decision. That’s what grit is.

Grit is never giving up.

Grit is your willingness to eat dirt.

Grit is your willingness to chew rocks that other people kick in your face.

Grit is measured by your ability to withstand an enormous amount of pain for something you believe in.

Grit is being honest with yourself about what you really want, and then not making any excuses for wanting it.

Grit is freedom through suffering, peace through chaos, and pleasure through pain.

Grit is where the magic happens, it is the permanent vacation from the mundane.

Grit is simply the willingness to move forward, regardless of the outcome.

Retail will pay you $10/hour. Finance will pay you $50/hour. Tech will pay you $100/hour.

But grit has no cap. And it also pays dividends in all of the things money can’t buy: freedom, happiness, adventure, satisfaction, meaning, quality of life, and knowing that you made a difference in the world.

For every one person who does something amazing, there are millions of people who now have another role model.

When you let your imagination run wild and train your grit to take you there, all of a sudden life has no limits. And if even one other person realizes this, then you have done your job on this planet.

The more people who do amazing things with their life, the closer we all get to a unified world of peace, cooperation, happiness, and abundance.

The future starts here and now, with you.

Do you have the grit?

The best place to start training your grit is already right in front of you. I’ve put together a week-long course designed to build all of the elements of grit while eliminating the habits that diminish grit. It’s called WEEK OF POWER, and for just $9 bucks, you can get your copy right now by clicking here.

If not now…then when..?

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