The Superpower That Everyone Has

You may have noticed that I’ve been blogging a lot recently.

This is because I made a pact with a friend.

He has always wanted to write a book, but has never gotten around to it.

Knowing that I’ve written several, he asked me if I could help keep him accountable by writing 400 words every day.

I thought of this as being good for me because I confessed to him that I’ve always wanted to become more “unleashed” in my writing.

That means being more of myself, instead of a restrained and more socially palatable version of myself. After all, words are immortal in many ways…so I have historically tried to err on the side of being careful.

However, I’ve realized that being overly careful doesn’t usually amount to much, so I’ve decided to use this newly formed pact with my friend as an opportunity to write more from the heart and less from the brain.

You may not have noticed a difference, but I sure have.

Overall, it’s been a good exercise.

We vowed to check in with each other every Sunday to report our progress.

On our third check in, my friend had failed. Not only did he not check in with me on Sunday, but many days passed with no check in at all.

I, on the other hand, had written every single day without fail. Not only that, but I achieved my monthly total of 12,000 words in only 2/3 of the time, 10 days ahead of schedule.

And just because I hit our agreed upon monthly number, do you think that I stopped writing? No. Because the 12k was only one part of the agreement. The other part was 400 words a day.

So I’ve decided to hit both.

This is certainly not the only time someone has let me down with a promise. It happens 99% of the time.

But there was something especially saddening about this particular incident because it happened with a friend who I’ve known for years. This fellow is particularly motivated and ambitious and I greatly enjoy talking with him.

However, this was a significant let down…and it made me realize that I have cultivated a superpower that many people do not have.

It’s the superpower of not sucking.

The thing is, everyone has this superpower…and it awaits for you to train it.

But the good news is that you may begin your training at any time.

You see…the thing that most often holds us back is not that we’re not doing something we ought, but rather that we’re doing something that we should stop.

Most people are pointed in the wrong direction so that even if they can force themselves into extreme motivation, it ends up being short lived and getting them nowhere at all.

The only way you’ll cultivate the superpower of not sucking is if you’re pointed in the direction you want to go. In other words, if you’re aiming at your destiny.

If you’re pointed away from your destiny, your spirit will know it and, despite your best efforts, you will never get anywhere.

And the craziest thing is that the difference between destiny and non-destiny are sometimes so subtle that an outsider wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. For example, my friend was trying to write a book…a feat that he has yet to conquer.

But instead of trying to write a book, he should have been trying to write 400 words per day. That should have been his goal. And he should have re-made that goal each and every day.

Because he didn’t, he failed.

Do you see the difference? It’s not that he wasn’t doing something that he ought (aka writing a book), but he failed because he was doing something he should have stopped (writing a book).

In order to point yourself at destiny, you need to first stop doing what you’re currently doing.

And you need to stop doing it long enough before you can even begin seeing what it is that you DO need to do.

I repeat, you will not know what to do until you stop doing what you know you shouldn’t.

Think about that. Think long and hard about that. And then the next time you find yourself doing some shit you don’t want to do…remember those words.

And also remember that you always have access to the superpower of not sucking…if you should choose to activate it.

The way you activate the superpower of not sucking is by stopping doing things that suck.

The way you stop sucking is by stop being someone who sucks…whatever that means for you.

And the beauty is that you can choose to stop sucking anytime.

You can stop right now if you want, simply by asking yourself, “What could I possibly do right now that doesn’t suck?”

Maybe it’s going to bed. Maybe it’s studying. Maybe it’s spending time alone. Maybe it’s calling your mother. Maybe it’s putting a smile on your face. Maybe it’s skipping out on that morning donut. Maybe it’s simply taking a big, deep breath and asking yourself what you’re thankful for today. Right now.

You can stop sucking anytime, comrade.

You can stop breaking promises to yourself.

You can stop half-assing things.

You can stop doing something you don’t want to do.

You can stop being around people you don’t want to be around.

You can stop doing what others told you to do.

You can stop pretending like someone is going to rescue you.

You can stop making excuses.

You can stop lying to yourself.

You can stop saying “tomorrow.”

You can stop trying to please others.

You can stop letting fear hold you back.

You can stop being a person who’s afraid to say no.

You can stop comparing yourself to others.

You can stop waiting.

You can stop asking permission.

You can stop seeking approval.

You can stop justifying.

You can stop kidding.

You can stop fooling around.

You can stop mindlessly consuming.

You can stop saying “it’s fine.”

You can stop sulking.

You can stop complaining.

You can stop blaming.

You can stop projecting.

You can stop giving your power away.

You can stop pretending.

You can stop judging.

You can stop obeying.

You can stop reading this article now, because I have nothing more to say.


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