Three Things That Changed My Life in 2017

This has been a good year. Probably my overall most successful year to date. And a lot of the success had to do with some New Year’s Resolutions I’ve set. But also, a lot of the success has come from several experiments I’ve done along the way.

I’d say the biggest difference that I’ve noticed is my discipline level. Practicing discipline has been enormously freeing for me. I have more courage, more commitment, and a lot more self confidence than I ever have.

In a nutshell, I just feel good.

Thing #1: Physical

As a matter of fact, I recently went to the grocery store and they had a health checking machine that does BMI, blood pressure, hydration level, etc. I scored in the top percentage of all the categories. It was a really good feeling to know that my efforts have been paying off.

By running one mile each and every day, my mental and physical performance has skyrocketed. Not to mention that on several occasions I have been able to change my state by going on a simple run.

Another resolution that’s made a huge difference for me is doing 50 push-ups a day (rest on weekends). When I started, I could only do 15 reps maximum. I took me a total of six sets of 15, 10, 10, 5, 5, 5 reps in order to get to 50. And, now, I can do as many as 57 reps in a single set! Talk about a good feeling!

My arms feel a lot stronger, my core feels more solid, and my chest is larger. For the first time in my life I can actually feel my chest against my shirt and, I gotta tell ya, it feels wonderful.

Thing #2: Mental and Emotional

I’ve recently written about the importance of monitoring the things that go into your brain. This has afforded me an incredible ability to monitor my own thoughts and feelings.

I find that I almost never wake up with anxiety like I did just about every day in late 2016. My mental state is much more clear and I find that I have way more influence over my emotions. These results might also be tied to the exercise I’ve been doing.

Another one of my resolutions was to read every single night, even if it’s just a couple pages. By choosing high quality reading material, it really helps me engage my mind toward the things I want to occupy my thoughts.

My emotional state is far more peaceful, calm, and relaxed. And when I start to get angry, I’m able to recognize and control it much more quickly.

As a result, I have a quiet confidence in me that I’ve never had before. I’ve been taking care of myself a lot more and I think that’s reflected in my emotional and mental states as well.

Thing #3: Energy Management

This year I have made enormous strides in my energy and time management. And I think a lot of that just had to do with getting clear on what I wanted and then choosing to focus on only the things that would bring me closer to these desires.

On the surface, this sounds like somewhat of a prison of not enjoying life and constantly focusing on achievement. But I’ve found that deliberately scheduling rest is just as important as working.

In 2017, I’ve realized that rest, pleasure, enjoyment, and entertainment are cornerstones of living a balanced life. And that when I seek balance, everything else seems to come more naturally.

By understanding my humanity, I’ve come a long way in figuring out the holistic nature of what I need as a bodily being. Human bodies need laughter, social interaction, rest, play, and time to just sit and do nothing.

It’s very easy to fall into a lifestyle of monotony and constant work. But I’ve learned that these things actually create a disharmony in your spirit that makes it harder to achieve the things you want to achieve. In addition, you end up looking back at your life and realizing that you never really took the time to live!

That’s why I now make it a point to schedule days off and, rather than sloth around the house, I think of something fun and interesting to do. It’s a little bit more upfront work but the rewards are enormous!

For example, I took my family to a fireworks show this year. Last year, I neglected the importance of this and we all ended up sitting at home like it was a regular day. But the fulfillment we received from forcing ourselves to get up and celebrate ended up being enormously rewarding. In fact, my 5-year-old daughter said, “This is the best night of my whole life!” Wow, what an endorsement!

Going out for a drive, organizing a picnic, or even going on a walk in the morning…these are all ways that you can diversify your experience in life which greatly enhances your morale and gives you the satisfaction of living that you simply cannot get unless you make it a priority.

As a result of prioritizing rest, fun, and unique experiences, I have found that I’m no longer “under pressure” of succeeding because I like my life a lot more just the way that it is. This has freed me up enormously to be a better salesman, have better communication with people, and use my time way more effectively.


Overall, this year has been a tremendous upgrade in my life. I am happier, more healthy, and more emotionally balanced. I find that I’m creating way more positive experiences that are contribution to my life satisfaction…which literally affects everything I do.

I really believe that the cornerstone of this effort has to do with my resolve to get more exercise and to focus my mind on only the things that produce the results that I seek.

If I could sum up my success in just one word, it would be discipline.

By committing to do things each and everyday, regardless of how much I didn’t want to, I have changed my life in more ways than I can count. I highly recommend picking 1-3 simple things that you do every single day. You’ll build your discipline and change your life forever.


  1. Urvashi said:

    What a beautiful post. I like how you have been introspecting and making changes in your life on a daily basis. When I get a breather, I do enjoy reading your posts. The best part is I feel that you are like a brother in a distant land. Thanks for making yourself reachable.

    Loads of love

    July 18, 2017
    • D/C Russ said:

      Thanks, Urvashi. I feel the same way about you.

      As always, be bold and stay strong. And remain humble 🙂

      July 19, 2017

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