Three Words that will Destroy Your Life

luciferpowerlinesGreetings again, comrades.

Today I come to you in complete humility to offer a special message.

This is not a message of hope. It is not a message of inspiration.

I have come to warn you. (My stare pierces into your eyes with the fire and fury of a thousand fallen warriors.)

(Dramatic silence)

The message is for all whose eyes should fall upon these words…

…but young people: Pay Close Attention.

This is not a joke and it’s not designed to elicit a response.

For these three words have been a cancer in my life. These three words have caused endless amounts of needless pain and suffering in my life.

These three words bear a crushing power so devastating that they can literally KILL you or others.

It happens all the time. Maybe it hasn’t yet happened to you.

But it will. And it’s coming.

If you do not rid yourself of these three words, you will…WILL…be destroyed.

It’s just a matter of time before you, too, feel the crushing blow. The effects are devastating.

And don’t think that it can’t (or won’t) happen to you. Because it will. And it’s going to.

You’re not above the Law.

I’m sure you’ve used these three words many times without thinking twice about it.

The question is whether or not you still want to play with fire. It’s not a matter of “if”…

…it’s a matter of when.

You could find yourself in a world of pain TOMORROW if you choose not to heed this message.

Let me first tell you about a few people who have used these words to their ultimate demise:

1) The overworked, overstressed, single mom who tried meth once, just to “take the edge off”. Twenty years later, her entire life is in ruins.

2) The bright and beautiful high school valedictorian who decided one night in college that she wanted it to “feel natural”. Two years later her own parents are burying her diseased body.

3) The man who had too much to drink before getting in the car that night. An entire family is now dead.

These scenarios are real. More real than real can possibly get. Careless mistakes like these happen every single day…it’s just a matter of time before the spinning bottle lands on you.

Do you know what these three people all said on those fateful nights?

They said the three most dangerous words a human can ever speak:

“It’ll be fine.”

So innocuous on the outside…but utterly catastrophic within.

“It’ll be fine,” they said.

They were wrong. Dead wrong.

Listen, comrade…I come in peace and I do not wish to frighten you. But a messenger from God has instructed me to share this warning with you…in case it is you who thinks that “It’ll be fine.”

It won’t. It will not be fine. Just because you’ve gotten away with it in the past, does NOT mean that you can smoothly sail past tragedy forever.

It will never be fine. It’s NEVER fine.

If you find yourself saying those words, you’re wrong. The only uncertainty is the level of severity that the consequence brings.

And if you think the above examples are too extreme to pertain to you, you might be right. But do not think for a second that there aren’t a billion small, seemingly benign situations out there that can leave your life in total shambles.

If you’re reading this right now thinking that you’ll be “fine,” then you’ve already fallen.

You must cultivate within yourself a healthy fear of God. To God, there are no means too severe to meet His desired ends.

If you want a shot at having a nice life, you will rid yourself of these words. No matter how small it may seem, remember that it is NOT fine.

Do not allow yourself to be careless…even if last time you walked away with only a paper cut.

The signs will get louder. There is no end to the percussion of the Universe’s boom.

Do not put yourself in a position where life will blow up in your face.

Walk with care, comrade. And maintain humility.

When we arrogantly assume control over our lives, we find out quickly just how fragile life can be.

Don’t let this happen to you.

The builders of the Titanic thought it would be fine…over and over again. Go read the story…there isn’t an end to the level of arrogance that ensued. At every turn, the prevailing conception was that, “Psshh…naw, it’ll be fine…”

Was it fine?

God himself could not sink that ship. So he sent an iceberg to do it instead.

Not that God is upstairs banging the gavel of justice. He doesn’t do you harm — YOU do you harm.

So get out of your own way. Find your own God. And follow that God.

Take the wheel too brashly and you’re sure to crash…

…it’s just a matter of time.

And, yes, it CAN happen to you. It will.

So tread lightly, comrade. Pain, death, and misery are lurking around every corner.

Blackness will fall unto your life if you do not avoid the dark alleys.

Consider this your warning.



D/C Russ

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  1. James Weaver said:

    Great article D/C. Powerful stuff. I haven’t thought about things this way before, but I completely agree with you. May God grant me the awareness to recognize these situations in my own life and remember your words before acting carelessly in the future.

    August 17, 2014
    • D/C Russ said:

      Thank you. I wish you strength of mind.

      You know…I was actually about to fall in the trap today but I made a better decision at the last moment…

      …all because I wrote this article last night.

      Looks like I saved my own butt. Haha.

      August 17, 2014

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