Today’s Monday ‘M’ Word of the Day is Meander

Today’s Monday ‘M’ Word of the Day is Meander

When you choose a life of choice, you choose a life of freedom. Everyone is capable of achieving this freedom, but far too many of us simply meander from day to day, week to week, year to year.

The hardest form of failure is one in which there was never a goal.

It’s a whole lot easier to fail when you’re committed to a goal. You quickly begin to think of failures as stepping stones to success.

There are only two true forms of failure: 1) giving up, and 2) never starting.

When you meander, you’re doing both. One who meanders is one who never chooses to begin their life of choice. They have given up in the sense that they have relinquished their power to choose a life of choice.

Meandering is the most vicious form of failure. It creeps up behind you slowly while you watch your favorite television shows. It lurks quietly in the shadows, ready to taunt you with another miserable Monday of mediocrity. It hides just out of sight for years, decades even…until one day it descends upon you like a thief in the night, haunting you with regret over the days you’ll never get back.

If you don’t think it’s coming, think again. The curse of a meandering soul is upon all those who choose not to choose.

And that’s today’s Monday ‘M’ word of the day!

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