What are you saying to yourself!?

Think about something you want. Now think about how it might feel to have that.

I don’t just mean “I want a bunch of money.”

I’m talking about coming up with a lifestyle that you love. What would your life look like if you loved it?

What if you were totally financially secure, and making money was easy and fun for you? Imagine never having to worry about what you spend money on and instead you occupy your mind with things that you love.

Maybe you love to go camping, or have regular barbecues with friends. Maybe you love traveling and meeting new people who share your interests.

Or maybe you just dream of a healthy body that feels great every time you wake up. Maybe you just want to feel excited at the start of each new day.

Now ask yourself: How often do you think about that? How often do you let that vision occupy your mind?

How often do you approach this reality in your actions? And when you do, what are you telling yourself while you’re doing it?

Pay very close attention because many times we can *think* we’re approaching our goals but while we’re doing it, there’s a very quiet, meandering feeling or almost-subconscious thought that starts coming up with reasons why you’re not ‘there’ yet or why this is beyond your limitations.

Your negative thoughts don’t always come in words, they also come in wordless thoughts. Just idle agreements, fears, or other negative feelings/thoughts/emotions that serve to keep you apart from the thing that you most want in life.

This is sort of an action-first approach to the advice given in the LoA circles.

There is a ton of truth to the idea that your mindset dictates your actions and the outcomes of those actions.

So many times we think we’re taking the right steps but our minds are very quietly tuned to failure.

Your own mentality will often dictate the results of your actions. This is because research shows that human beings are not as in control of their actions and behaviors as they think they are.

So instead of trying to control and analyze every piece of your actions, start focusing on controlling your mind. Otherwise, even if you’re taking the right steps, you’re really just spinning your wheels.

This happens to me when I’m looking at big companies to cold call and I immediately start imagining the rejection that ensues. I immediately assume that I’m not going to be able to succeed for one reason or the next. I keep telling myself that I’m full of shit and that I’m just over-idealistic for approaching high-caliber companies.

Taking care to get into the right mindset usually makes the efforts that I do make seem effortless.

This concept is somewhat related to Tony Robbins’ method of “setting state.” It’s the same principle: get your mind right and your body/actions will follow.

You can reprogram yourself for what you want much faster if you’re simply vigilant and hyper-aware of your thoughts and what you’re saying to yourself. If you walk away from the pursuit of your dreams and you feel bad afterwards, it’s because you allowed a lot of negative thoughts work their way into your life and infringe on your dreams.

That’s why you need to keep yourself feeling inspired and uplifted as much as possible. Don’t let yourself be bogged down by negative entities. Only feed yourself positive thoughts/vibes and, in no time at all, you will see a better life.

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