What It Means To Be Bold Today

When we watch movies today, we walk away with the sense that boldness is about slaying dragons and pulling out grenade pins with your teeth.

This is idiotic.

Besides, it’s much easier to slay a dragon than a demon.

A dragon might kill you, but an inner demon will leave you a dead man walking.

“Most men die at 27, we just bury them at 72.” -Mark Twain

Many of today’s action heroes might seem bold and tough, but do they enjoy the lives that they live?

Have they truly gone after what it means to be happy and fulfilled?

Do they have the balls to tell people how they feel? Or do they just make witty, pissed off remarks and recklessly break shit like a chimpanzee?

How many role models do we have today that truly reflect what it means to be bold?

Not many.

Boldness means going out of your comfort zone, against the grain, and against all odds to bring something to your life or to the world.

A bold person does what he or she wants to do because they believe in it. They do it even when it’s hard. But they don’t do it just because it’s hard.

A bold person is someone who is not foolish. A bold person is also someone who doesn’t care if others think they’re foolish…

They do what they know they need to do anyway.

Contrary to common belief, bold people are not fearless. This is stupid. Fearlessness is a myth that perpetuates the incorrect idea that someone could be inherently better than you.

The most bold people on the planet are often the ones who experience fear the most.

If fearlessness does exist, it’s only because you’re so brain-dead and doped up on drugs that you couldn’t even find your own ass.

Bold people have fears. The difference between bold people and whiny crybabies is that the bold ones do not let their fears hold them back. They’re not afraid to look their fears in the eye and contend with them. Bold people act in spite of their fears.

Bold people today do not let social norms and authority run their lives. They do what they need to do in order to accomplish what they need to accomplish. It’s that simple.

They don’t sit around and wonder if they’ll be accepted. They don’t worry about whether or not it will work. They don’t particularly question whether or not it will be easy.

They just do what they want to do. And if a bold person does not necessarily know what they want to do then they do something – anything – that might get them closer to finding out.

A bold person doesn’t wait.

A bold person doesn’t procrastinate.

A bold person doesn’t make excuses.

They do what they say they’re going to do. And if they decide to do something else, they make sure to inform any/all parties their decision affects.

For example, when I was invited to a friend’s wedding, I happily agreed to go. But then I found out that he had decided to do a cruise for the reception…and that the trip would depart from entirely the opposite end of the country. Once I realized that the trip would cost me nearly two weeks of my time and several thousand dollars, I decided that my participation would be foolish, especially considering my already low opinion of weddings in general.

At the end of the day, I immediately told him that I must decline and that it would be too great a distraction to my life’s work. It was not an easy decision to come to by any means, but one that I knew that I had to make. I knew I had to be bold and tell him “No.”

He said he understood and I don’t believe that it has negatively impacted our friendship…this is in a large part due to the fact that I told him many months in advance, instead of waiting like a coward and then just not showing up.

There are too many cowards in the world. And bold people are the world’s saving grace.

People might not always like bold people, because they are not afraid to use the word “No.” But it doesn’t matter what others think…and this is the biggest difference I see between bold people and regular old cowards.

Bold people are not afraid to say no. They’re not afraid what others think of them. And they’re not afraid to make a decision that they know is right.

A bold person is decisive, but a bold person doesn’t have to make decisions on the spot. Making sound decisions often requires sufficient time to consider all options. Cowards make flippant decisions and then regret them later. They are offered a choice and then they eagerly answer right away.

This is weak. And it will leave you feeling resentful later.

People agree to things that they don’t want to do all the time, in the interest of being polite.

Instead, the bold person politely informs that they wish to think about the decision and that they will get back to them as soon as they have a sound decision. You do not need to give anyone an explanation or a definitive answer until if and when you’re ready to do so.

Trust me, I know first hand that this can be difficult. Most of us are trained at an early age to do what others want us to do and what they expect of us. This will leave you a dead man walking.

Don’t let the energy vampires of society steal your soul.

Everything you ever wanted will vanish if all you ever do is what others want you to do.

The word “Yes” is perhaps the most dangerous word of all time. And if you want to live dangerously, that’s up to you. Sometimes I like to say “Yes” just to see what happens, even though I don’t particularly want to do something.

You make your choice. But make the choice confidently.

Don’t make a choice on autopilot. Take time to ask yourself why you’re making the choice. If your answer is “I dunno, I just want to do it.” then that is perfectly acceptable and you can be happy that you at least checked in with yourself.

Be bold and make the decision that you want to make. Be aware of the risks and consequences. And only make decisions that you feel good about…otherwise, just say no.

If you’re not sure, then say so. Tell them you will take some time to consider your choices. Tell them you’ll think it over and get back to them.

This will warrant you a tremendous amount of respect if you train yourself to behave this way.

No one respects a “yes-man.”

Saying “no” is a huge part of not letting authority and convention run your life. But it is the only way that does not leave you a shell of a person.

And it gets easier.

It always gets easier. Do it once, do it twice, do it ten times and you’ll never look back.

Just don’t give up practicing being bold. It will get easier and easier and you will reap greater and greater rewards from it. You will be respected and you will feel like a whole different person. And when this happens, the vultures will come out and try to pick at you again…but stay the course. Let them do whatever they want to do but never stop being bold.

Eventually all of the vultures will die our and run out of steam.

Just stay on your track of learning.

Learn to be bold in your decisions, your opinions, and your way of life. Never back down from your challenges and always do what you know is right for you

…even if someone tries to take it away from you…

Even if that someone is you. Don’t let yourself screw you over. All of us has a vulture within us. It is up to us to battle the vulture within. Be bold and stand up to the vulture. Don’t let it weaken you.

As soon as you let the vulture weaken you, then you become weaker and it is easier and easier for the vulture to weaken you again.

Just say no. Start now.

Start saying YES to POWER and no to weakness.

Don’t procrastinate any longer. Or the vulture wins. And you lose. And you die. And the grim reaper shall wait patiently for his harvest.

Don’t be a dead man walking.

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