What To Do If You’re Shy

In this world there are introverts and extroverts.

And the world needs both.

Most of us fall somewhere between the two extremes of this spectrum. Perhaps some people can switch between either one.

And there are a lot of people who think they’re extroverted but are just doing it to put on an act.

And there are still others who might think they’re introverted but they are really only just shy.

Regardless of your particular disposition, shyness is a condition that can be especially burdensome.

Many people associate shyness with introverted people, but this is a common misconception.

There are countless introverted thought leaders who have lived on this planet. Some of them are inventors, some are artists, some are writers, and some are even speakers.

To be introverted does not mean you are shy.

The difference is that introversion is a feature, whereas shyness is a bug.

Introversion has a great many strengths and unique advantages.

Shyness, however, is merely a burden.

If you are a shy person, it means you are living with tremendous fear.

At the root of every shy person is deep insecurity and feelings of not being “good enough” or “normal enough.”

Shyness is a disease that has no upside.

Shy people get walked all over in this world.

90% of the time, shy people are ignored, with the 10% exception of attractive shy women, who only attract the unwanted attention of often creepy and loathsome men.

To be shy is a shortcoming.

But to remain shy means that you are okay with not getting what you want, and being fine with getting what you don’t want.

It means letting everyone else tell you how you should live, while you sit obediently in the shadows.

You don’t have to overcome shyness if you don’t want to. It does not make you inferior as a person…

…but it does give you an inferior position in society.

If you truly enjoy being shy, then you’re okay with accepting the fact that:

  • You will likely never meet new people.
  • You will probably never get promoted.
  • You will always be terrified of social situations.
  • You will never be able to speak in public.
  • You will likely not find a high quality romantic partner.
  • You will struggle to find jobs.
  • You will miss out on life’s opportunities.
  • You will live a very lonely and isolated life.
  • You will likely frequently slip into depression.
  • You will never take risks.
  • You will never do anything courageous.
  • You will always be thought of as a loser.
  • You will suffer from self esteem and confidence issues your whole life.

So as long as you’re okay with these things, then being shy is okay and there is no need to change.

There’s no need to be ashamed of being shy. We all have flaws.

But at the end of the day, shyness is a flaw. It is not an asset. It is not a valuable trait.

Shy people who do not overcome their shyness are lazy, hopeless, and often depressed. This means that they usually opt to stay shy rather than doing something about it.

Think of your shyness as a living, breathing, festering monster who is out to consume your entire life.

It is a dark, black abyss that pulls you ever deeper, with less chance of escape.

For every moment that you allow yourself to be shy, you are allowing yourself to be eaten…

…eaten by your own thoughts, your inner demons, and the whole of human society.

If you have even a single flame of destiny, it will be extinguished by your shyness.

Destiny never calls to shy people.

Nobody calls to shy people.

Shy people are invisible.

It’s sad, but it’s true.

Yet – there is hope.

You can conquer your shyness by taking action: ass-kicking action.

The course is called WEEK OF POWER and it’s only $9.

In one week you will be cured of your shyness forever.

Do something with your life, or remain a loser.

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