Who Do You Listen To?

We live in a world of gurus.

It seems like everyone is an expert.

And they’re all desperate to be heard.

Whether they’re charging money or not, it seems like everyone is trying to sell you on something…even if it’s just their own opinion.

On the surface this sounds great: people now have access to a wide array of information and perspectives.

But this convenience is a double-edged sword.

While it’s nice to learn from others’ experiences, often times the advice does more harm than good. Increasingly rare is it that the person we turn to is ourselves.

Each of us walks a unique path, full of unique experiences. We’re all different people. And even the most specific advice from the world’s biggest guru can still let you down. What works for someone else may not work for you.

To make matters more complicated, it’s not uncommon for two or more people to give you completely conflicting advice.

Who can you trust?

Who do you listen to?

The answer is that it’s a delicate balance of listening to yourself and listening to people who have what you want.

I’ve found the best balance is to gather as many perspectives as you can and then take time to process them for yourself. Knowing that other people cannot make decisions for you, gather as much knowledge as you can and then do your best to trust your gut reaction.

The gut seems to have a knowingness all on its own. But it also helps to seek outside perspective as a way to calibrate yourself to what has worked for others.

However, the catch is that you cannot just listen to anyone…you have to listen to people who have exactly what you want.

For example, if you want to be a millionaire who has the freedom to travel, don’t listen to someone who is tied down to a job and location they don’t like, even if they have hundreds of millions of dollars.

You have to be specific. Make sure that you identify with that person, their lifestyle, their goals, and their journey. And just because they can give you great advice in one area of life, don’t expect them to be all-knowing about other areas of life.

Run all of the advice carefully through your own filters, take time to absorb it, and consider how it applies (or doesn’t apply) to your life. Then make the best decision you can for yourself…just because they gave you some great advice does not mean that you need to make the exact same decision as they did.

Times change. Circumstances differ. And different personalities produce different results.

In life there are too many variables to take into consideration. A “logical” decision making process is largely inadequate. So instead of “gathering data,” seek perspective.

And then integrate that perspective into your mind and heart in the most holistic way possible. It is from here that your gut can process the information and help you make a decision.

Generally, your gut (some people might call it their heart) will help you make good decisions. But even your own logical deductions can offer great perspective on the decision making process.

Your body can, too.

In fact, everything inside and outside of yourself can offer a piece of insight. Since everything is connected and is essentially all One, anything you experience can be tied directly to your decisions.

This is why awareness is so important. Being consciously aware will help you to see the nuances in reality that you can then incorporate into your decisions. To enhance your awareness, all you really have to do is slow down.

If you are sensitive to reality and your experience of it, then you are able to welcome a wide variety of perspectives from both the outside world and your inner world. Try to achieve a balance of both worlds.

Allow reality to become your teacher. But, also, expand your definition of reality.

Things that happen inside your mind and heart are equally as real.

Things that happen in a movie or a video game? Also reality.

Your imagination? Also a part of reality. Visualize yourself making decisions…note how you feel.

Feelings? Reality.

Data? Reality.

Prayer? Reality.

Expand your definition of reality and listen to your experience, whether it’s coming from someone else or from inside your own heart.

Once you’ve gathered enough perspective, the answer will become clear.

Whether or not you will have the guts to pursue that answer is a different story.

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