Why Freedom is Greater Than Money

Recently I had a conversation with my good friend, Dave. He told me of his struggle to make it in the restaurant business and how things are finally starting to look pretty good.

He tells me that he hasn’t been making that much money lately but that his forecast is looking very bright.

The thing about Dave is that, like myself, he chose freedom over money. Instead of going into an industry where he would be wealthy, he decided to pursue his passion in the hopes of one day being able to make good money at it.

I was surprised to hear of his friend who is making $375k/year and spending $385k.

Sounds fun at first, until you realize that money can enslave you. He says his friend tells him he’s miserable and can’t figure out a way out.

Meanwhile my man Dave, and myself…we’re living it up. Dreams, hope, passion…the feeling of building toward something. You can’t beat that with money.

He’s making his own choices. He’s making his own way.

And I respect him immensely for that.

It’s been a while since we’ve hung out. So I invited him to party with me and a couple of our friends from the fraternity.

Here I am organizing the airfare when suddenly it hit me…the other two guys have jobs!

Holy shit.

I forgot what having a job was like.

Here I am…free.

Here’s Dave…free.

We’re bound by nothing. By nobody.

We set our own schedules. We control our time.

We don’t have to fill out vacation request forms. We don’t have to ask a boss. We don’t have to report to anyone. We can do anything we want to do.

Even when it comes to the hard work, we legitimately want to do it, because we realize that it is the path to our greatest dreams.

When hard work feels good to you, and you’re okay with putting up with the struggles, pain, failures, and bullshit that comes with it…then you know you’re in the right place.

And, just for the record, I’m not saying that these two guys with jobs aren’t in the right place. They might be.

All I’m saying is that I’m in the right place. I can do what I want when I want. And I want to work. I love getting things done. I love getting business. I love making big things happen. I love the pain, the struggle, and the bullshit.

I love it all. Because I chose it.

I chose it.

I choose it everyday.

And that makes all the difference in the world.

I can travel on a Tuesday, I can nap on a Thursday, I can work on a Sunday.

Doesn’t matter to me.

Doesn’t matter to me ‘cuz I’m free.

It’s better to be free and lean than fat and enslaved!!

Meanwhile, here I am waiting for my other two friends to figure out when they’re “allowed” to take off work for three days.
As for me, I’m flexibile. I could go tomorrow. I could go today. I could go right now.
I can do whatever I want. Whenever I want.
Can’t put a price on that…

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