Why Many Rich and Powerful People Are Stupid

I just read a message from Boeing’s CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, who said proudly, “We’re going to beat Elon Musk to Mars.”

The first reaction I had was one of awe. Here you have two extremely influential and powerful people competing against each other for an epic race to accomplish a goal.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of sport…with friendly competition.

But when it comes to something of this magnitude — something that could forever change the future of human civilization — what could possibly be the advantage of competing?

How about instead of “beating Elon” you help him? Why doesn’t Boeing want to work with SpaceX to accomplish this mission?

Why in the hell does everything have to be about beating someone?

Because, here’s the thing: Elon Musk doesn’t particularly care about the self aggrandizement of his own personal ego. That’s not why he’s here…and he’s said that many times.

He started Tesla and SpaceX with the expectation that they’d fail, yet their even existing at all would inspire further innovation in that direction.

Elon Musk is here for the mission to progress humanity forward in a meaningful way. This is why his reply to Muilenburg was “Do it.”

The funny thing is that even if Boeing “beats” SpaceX to Mars, then Musk still wins, since his only goal was to help make humanity interplanetary.

I just get so tired of these rich guys tooting their horns, completely oblivious to the one paradigm that will actually push us forward as a species, which is planetary unification and global cooperation.

And there’s no doubt that this can be accomplished, even with capitalism.

But at some point, capitalism needs to fuel itself with more than just money and power…we need to embrace free markets as a sign of global prudence and stewardship.

I, for one, can’t even really see the point of going to Mars in the first place. We have plenty of things we need to work on here before we spread our problems and filth all over the galaxy.

But, hey, eventually interplanetary colonization is going to be an important endeavor, so I’m glad that there are people at least working to make it a reality.

I just really badly want to see human beings working together for the sake of human beings (and all sentient life). But no…Mr. Muilenburg wants HIS penis-shaped probe to be the first one to inseminate Mars.

Whatever makes you feel better about yourself, Dennis. I’m glad you have such a noble cause to live for.

In the meantime, ordinary people everywhere will be taking up arms against the real demon of the planet: the ego. Except these arms won’t be missiles, they’ll be words of love, gestures of caring, and extraordinary efforts to ease human suffering across the entire planet.

The time is now. No longer will we tolerate the loss of brilliance and innovation due to starvation, political corruption, and tyrannical behavior.

If we free the people, we can free the planet. There isn’t anything more important than this…


  1. bongstar420 said:

    Mars is 3 steps ahead. Unfortunately, Mars is a gravity well and ergo won’t be where space industry is located. It will be a place of study and perhaps a place to live and recreate.

    But , yes, framing it as “beating Elon to Mars” makes this about dominating territory rather than advancing humanity, civilization, and life in general. If they must compete, its best to compete in a cooperative manner. In this sense, the developments are open sourced the whole time, and the losers get proportional returns on their work rather than losing everything and the winner taking everything. Nobody gets a permanent claim to property as the “winner,” they claim a trophy and reap the spoils of having been first in the first place. In effect, those who come in last place are still advanced due to systemic advancement not being consolidated by private control interests.

    Besides, who ever that rich guy is, they hire people to do work. They don’t advance these developments themselves. This makes them narcissists and essentially not worthy of their wealth.

    January 24, 2018
    • D/C Russ said:

      Agreed. Nothing wrong with competition if it is framed cooperatively. Competition has been instrumental in fueling planetary progress but I am advocating for an evolution of this approach going forward into an increasingly interconnected world. Thanks for the comment.

      January 24, 2018

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